When you invest your time doing a parenting program, you want to be confident that you will get results. This Positive Parenting Program has more evidence to back it up and show it works than any other parenting program in the world.


Parenting is tough work but one of the most important journeys on which we will embark.  Branches Parent Resources, LLC is dedicated to helping parents on this journey with the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program. Through the various levels of the Triple P, parents are empowered to set goals and choose strategies that will encourage and build a positive, healthy relationship with their children and teens.


Branches parenting programs are customized on how you see  parenting and the goals that you want to achieve. It’s like a shed of parenting ideas full of tools for children to grow as comprehensive and confident people. It’s about branching out and making the programs work for you.

Jennifer Walcik


is the founder and president of Branches Parent Resources, LLC.  After becoming acquainted with the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program while earning her Master of Liberal Arts in Psychology, Jennifer wanted to make this program available to more parents in the Houston area.  As former teacher and mother of three, she saw the tremendous value and effectiveness that Triple P program could offer parents.  As she always says in her classes:


“I am not teaching these classes because I am a perfect parent.  I teach these classes because being a parent has humbled me and I strive to use the Triple P strategies regularly to help build a positive relationship with my kids.”



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